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The Long Hello (1974)Edit

The Long Hello - The Long Hello
The Long Hello
  1. The Theme From (Plunge)
  2. The O Flat Session
  3. Morris to Cape Roth
  4. Brain Seizure
  5. Fairhazel Gardens
  6. Looking at You
  7. I've Lost My Cat

Volume Two (1981)Edit

The Long Hello - Volume Two
Volume Two
  1. Surfing With Isabelle
  2. Elsham Road
  3. Dolphins
  4. Carnival
  5. Broken Chain
  6. Hidden Drive
  7. Indian
  8. Zen
  9. Agua Blanca
  10. Welcombe Mouth

Volume Three (1982)Edit

The Long Hello - Volume Three
Volume Three
  1. Jacko and the Polar Bear
  2. Dr. Mop
  3. Mayday, Mayday
  4. Sogni d'Oro
  5. Stonewall Stands With Thomas Davies
  6. Sometimes I Do, Sometimes I Don't
  7. Range Change
  8. The Honing of Homer

Volume Four (1983)Edit

The Long Hello - Volume Four
Volume Four
  1. Holsworthy Market Place
  2. Trick or Treat
  3. Der Traum von Julius
  4. The Rock of Riley
  5. The Caretaker's Wife
  6. The Wonderful Brothers
  7. Martha's Express Wishes
  8. Hamburg Station
  9. Solo Kabine
  10. The Finger Points
  11. Haben Sie Waffen oder Funk dabei?
  12. Slow Slither Loop
  13. My Feet Are Freezing But My Knees Are Warm

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  • 1980–1983
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