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Just Like Me

This song is by The Livid and appears on the album More Than a Lifetime (2009).

There's no regrets in here
These days are shorter than I thought they'd ever feel
That fight is so unreal
You play, you push until you have to take a heel
That life is hard to steal
Like a spinning wheel
That same old fear
So you

Still give up
When you think you've had enough
You build it up
Then lose it all to see the love
You'll change your mark
Go right back to the start
Now just like me
You'll lose it all to see the love

This threat will steer
You in directions that will make you disappear
This road is so unclear
Can't help but notice when you look into the mirror
They'll find it hard to cheer
If they never hear
Completely clear
But you

This threat's come crawling back and growing stronger in me
Your eyes say you need me
And I'm the one to chase away the fears
And if I can't, will you pick me up and come back again?

You're just like me

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