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Blue Ice

This song is by The Litter.

I had this bitch, you see
She made lies to me
Her deceit, ah, it gave me a chill
But I found out now
That baby, that baby ice dog

She said we would wed
In Mongolian country lilies shoot free
But she was a-stoning me in the mountains, no
Her intent, it was all too clear, all too clear

It was quite a sin how the ice caved in
I was numb, I could not assist
Baby, ice went down to the cold, cold, cold ground
I said, "Baby, that's the breaks"

Turn me around like broke down hound now
Crossing me once too often
Now she's bound for a lower station
She crossing me once too often

Hey baby, don't cross me, baby
I'm bad

And now the ladies all fear this Mongolian man
With ice down his face
You know I get involved in unnatural acts
With the aid of my cold, cold stare

They'd like to make it with my big black dog
But they just don't know how to ask
You know they'd like to try
Anything that comes into their minds
Ah, freeze on now, baby

Freeze on, freeze on, freeze on, bone to bone
Freeze on, freeze on, freeze on
Freeze on, freeze on, freeze on bone
Freeze on, freeze on freeze on, freeze on


Written by:

James W Kane; Thomas Alan Murray

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