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This song is by The Limeliters and appears on the album The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters (1961).

Gunslinger, Gunslinger, why you act so strange? When you were a child did the Cheyenne and Souix, refuse to play nicely with you, did you come from a broken home on the range, Gunslinger?

Gunslinger, gunslinger, where did you go wrong? When you were a child were you forced to compete with brothers that you never could beat? Did you always feel you didn't belong, Gunslinger?

Don't wear your guns in town today, Old Buddy, cause last night you cried out Mommy Dear, You got a recurrent dream in your craw, and that dream of your Maw will inhibit your draw, Old Buddy. Yippi yi ay, yippi yi yo.

Gunslinger gunslinger, please take my advice. You know in your mind that you're plumb insecure, and that killing a man is real immature, it is just an attention-getting device!

There you lie dead in the dust, Old Buddy... Old Buddy, and now your myth begins... Out in the West its generally believed you faced and killed the toughest hombres of your day, but time has revealed your feet of clay.

Recent research has clearly shown that 99% of the gunmen you killed were simply accident prone, Old Buddy, Gunslinger!

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