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Jack And Jill

This song is by The Lift Band.

I'm Jack. You're Jill.

I came running up your hill for water.

As the story goes as the story goes,

I fell down. I fell hard.

I came tumbling down your hill into your yard

And that's not all

Bumps and bruises cover my head, out and inside

Tell me I'm yours, tell me I'm yours

Tie on your line after you hang me out to dry tonight

Everyone makes mistakes

And no one can deny that now

Nobody's perfect when they wake

We all got dirt under our fingernails (sing)

I don't want to keep you go do what you like to

I'm not one for sentimental endings

Not this time

I'm a bird or a kite

Without your wind I cannot fly tonight

I need a gust from you I need a gust from you

Like my moth to your flame

I got me myself and I to blame, I ignite

That's not all

Trap me. Keep me. Save me as yours

Do as you will now

Tell me I'm yours tell me I'm yours

Catch me in your jar and watch me light into the night

For you

An answers only, an answers only,

An answers only good, until a better one comes around

Was I your answer, was I your answer?

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