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This song is by The Legendary Trainhoppers and appears on the album Ramble On (2006).

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This is going to be the greatest song ever."

Where are you, alcohol?
I'm in need of a friend
If I wake up sober again
It just might be the end

You see, I'm helpless
And I got nowhere to go
You just give me one more sip
I'm sure we both will know

We're to bargain
And dream my life away
You always know what's in my head
And you know just what to say

Don't make me beg
But I'm not above it anymore
You're too nice and I'll pay a price
I just can't ignore

Yeah, I can't stand up, I can't fall down
I might be better in another town
Same old jokes, a new place to drink
And man, I still won't have to think

About another dollar spent, another day that's lost
Another set of friends that I've pissed off
Just keep my eyes in front of me
And it you do your job, I won't have to see

How much I'm down in the dirt
How tough it is not to get hurt
Well, nothing ever goes my way
I never have anything important to say

So I ask you just one more time
For another chance to be a friend of mine
You're half empty, baby, but you're all I've got
So let's seal this deal with another shot, oh yeah

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