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My First Zonee

This song is by The Legendary Pink Dots and appears on the album Plutonium Blonde (2008).

Calling you now on my first Zonee.
Milking the cow with my first Zonee.
Out on the trail, I'll spank the pony.
I'll conquer the world with my first Zonee...
Under the Ocean, seeding the clouds you'll be with me.
Forgive me, there is no need to shout it
From the top of the mountain or down in the well.
I'll just text you, "I like you".
No scabby hands with my first Zonee.
No stubborn stains with my first Zonee.
No sleeping around my one and only.
I've never been lied to by my first Zonee.
When I'm lonely, when I'm sad I go through my
Ringtones deleting all the dead ones.
There's no time for tears, there's no regret.
All I have to do is SEND.
I'm never alone with my first Zonee.

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