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Andromeda Suite

This song is by The Legendary Pink Dots and appears on the album Chemical Playschool Volumes 8 & 9 (1995).

Part 1...

Take this cup, dissolve with me. Tonight's a one way voyage through your mind where all the doors open wide, where everything's exposed... Kill all fear. Take this and sign along the dotted line. Free yourself. No possessions! Imagine there's no heaven.

Part 2...

Tell me doctor, what exactly is the problem? Do I not behave according to the patterns on your wall? Do I push all your parameters, am I unfit for your box? Tell me doc... do you have the perfect cure? Will you shower me with red ones, green ones and yellow ones? Is the answer in a spike, or with a rusty knife or in that place they call "heaven"? Ah... there's no need to send me flowers for I have gardens where I go walking with my wife. Though I haven't met her yet, I know she's coming because she sends me messages... lots of messages. It's along way to Andromeda but we'll marry in the spring.

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