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​All The King's Men

This song is by The Legendary Pink Dots and appears on the album All The King's Men (2002).

With marbled eyes,
A heart of stone...
Collosus thighs,
Gorilla bones...

We can rebuild you
As our wounded ???

In our trembling hands,
We read your fate...
So... be a man.
Lie there on the table.

The world is yours, son.
Take a stroll...
No conscience bared,
No troubled soul!
No fingers tap without control!

Behold... behold!

The new man!
Set us free, new man!

This rich and varied tapestry
On your fingers...

No sleep awaits
The ??? man

??? The dreams...

So go out there!
Pluck from the garden!


Our man!

Our superman!

Our superman! Show us the way, Superman!