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This song is by The Last Void and appears on the album State Of Mind (2010).

You keep on believing you're somehow immortal
That no one can touch you, and life isn't for real
You proclaim your existence, convince yourself that you can
But when push comes to shoves, you won't run the distance

You like to think that you're so fucking perfect
You parader yourself around walking strong and tall
But everybody knows

You don't know
How far you've gone
You're involved in things you can't control
You lost grasp of reality
Who are you now, you don't know

I'm tired of all the lies
Your continuous contradictions
You got lost in your act
Can no longer find your truth

You're just a shadow of what was
I once knew somebody else
Whose eyes am I staring into now
You've got to wake up from this

I don't know who you are anymore
I don't even know your name
I don't want to see your face anymore
I want you to go away

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