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Turmoil Within

This song is by The Last Alliance and appears on the album Lost in Legend (2013).

I awake in foreign land I'm bound
I fear the course of my life has now reached the end
Prisoners condemned they talk of innocence
The cold northern air holds their final breath

Inching forward
Towards the headsman
Cruel blade in hand I fall forward
On my knees now, is this my end?
Shadows up above they darken the sky

Facing death with blade in hand I turn and face
The creature whom all thought was legend bound
Flying overhead destroying all within its path
This fury we can not end

Breath of fire
Soaring higher
Armageddon flies without mercy
Ancient scripture
Prophecy spoke
In this moment I know my purpose

I hear the call, call forth
For the Dragonborn
War in the north rise above
I shall rise above it all

I see my destiny revealed
I'm the Dragonborn
Ancestors smile on me
In the hall of Sovngarde

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