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Lament Configuration

This song is by The Last Alliance and appears on the album Lost in Legend (2013).

I found the puzzle box
From ages long forgotten now
The tool of sorrow
The toyman knew what I desired
The Ageless horror
Reflected Faces scream to me
Perfect affliction
I feel the chains rip through me

With every piece that falls in place
I lose a part of my soul
What lies beyond the threshold

Rapture and Pain divine
Until the end of time

Demons to some Angels to others
We have traveled across the dimensions
Seeking the damned
You solved the box
We came
Now you must come with us

Follow me to Hell
I will show you pain and pleasure
Your tainted soul
Will be mine forever
I cannot Ever leave this place
I cannot look upon my face
I am damned wallowed in disgrace
I have been sundered from my faith
Such sights they have been shown to me
Now the time has come for you to see
Solve the box blessed pain awaits
They come to tear your soul apart

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