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Curse of the Shade

This song is by The Last Alliance and appears on the album Lost in Legend (2013).

Wretched face stares back at me
What do you want
Do you hold the answers to what I desire
Feel the horror creep inside
This face I see
It is not me

Unholy ritual summons his form
Forbidden knowledge is mine to behold
Standing among him I fear for my soul
Every breath danger grows ever more

Eyes of fire burn in my hands
I am safe but now I fear I've cursed My soul
Bound to endure life Alone
Till the end of all I know

Visions dark they haunt my dreams
Terror and death my salvation
Unending nightmares I see
Curse on my head never ending

Hunted by demons I fear for my soul
Frozen forever the curse takes its hold
Now he seeks his retribution
Hunting me until he can reclaim my soul
I'm forever lost

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