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Album by The La's.
  1. Son Of A Gun
  2. I Can't Sleep
  3. Timeless Melody
  4. Liberty Ship
  5. There She Goes
  6. Doledrum
  7. Feelin'
  8. Way Out
  9. I.O.U.
  10. Freedom Song
  11. Failure
  12. Looking Glass
Japanese 1998 Re-release Bonus Tracks
  1. Knock Me Down
  2. Endless
  3. Come In Come Out
  4. Who Knows
  5. Man I'm Only Human
  6. All By Myself
  7. Clean Prophet
  8. There She Goes (1988 Single Version)
UK 2001 Re-release Bonus Tracks
  1. All By Myself
  2. Clean Prophet
  3. Knock Me Down
  4. Over (Live In A Stable In Liverpool)
  5. I.O.U. (Alternate Version)
2008 Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Son Of A Gun (Gary Crowley, GLR Session Dec '88)
  2. Doledrum (Gary Crowley, GLR Session Dec '88)
  3. I Can't Sleep (Gary Crowley, GLR Session Dec '88)
  4. Way Out (Key 103, Jan '89)
  5. I Am The Key (Key 103, Jan '89)
  6. That'll Be The Day (BBC2 The Late Show '89)
2008 Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc
  1. I.O.U. (Mike Hedges Version)
  2. I Can't Sleep (Mike Hedges Version)
  3. Knock Me Down (Mike Hedges Version)
  4. Way Out (Mike Hedges Version)
  5. Doledrum (Mike Hedges Version)
  6. There She Goes (Mike Hedges Version)
  7. Feelin' (Mike Hedges Version)
  8. Timeless Melody (Mike Hedges Version)
  9. Son Of A Gun (Mike Hedges Version)
  10. Clean Prophet (Mike Hedges Version)
  11. Come In Come Out (Mike Hedges Version)
  12. Failure (Mike Hedges Version)
  13. Looking Glass (Mike Hedges Version)
  14. Doledrum (John Porter Mix Version)
  15. Way Out (Andy MacDonald Version)
  16. There She Goes (John Leckie Version)
  17. Man I'm Only Human (John Leckie Version)
  18. Feelin' (Bob Andrews Version)
  19. Clean Prophet (Bob Andrews Version)
  20. I Can't Sleep (Jeremy Allom Version)
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