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Chapter 3: Heavy is the Crown

This song is by The L-Train and appears on the album Fall of an Empire (2016).

Luna, come sit here
It's become quite clear
You've let your heart grow far too fond

How can you say this?
Don't we deserve bliss?
Is it a crime to share a bond?

Celestia: You know that is not the way
Luna: Can we never love, never just disobey?
Celestia: Duty takes priority
Luna: But he is a king, the same royalty
Celestia: Bound by his mortality
Luna: That doesn't matter, at least not to me
Celestia: But it will
Luna: Even still

Celestia / Luna:
You must know that heavy is the crown we wear
It is the price (Why must it be), the burden we bear (The burden I bear?)
Stop this or else it will break your heart / How can I live with a broken heart?

Sombra: Well hello my dear, I thought you had gone
Luna: Yes, I did, but now we need to talk

I have been thinking
My heart's been sinking
And I don't think we can go on

What are you saying?
You must be playing
What could have changed, what did I do wrong?

Luna: Please, you do not share the blame
Sombra: Tell me that you're wrong, that we are still the same
Luna: It's already killing me
Sombra: Or was it the "queen", your dear sister's decree?
Luna: I'll watch you grow old and gray
Sombra: I don't have to die, there still might be a way
Luna: But you will
Sombra: Even still

Luna / Sombra:
You must know that heavy is the crown we wear
Missing the short-lived (Why just discard) life that we share (The life we could share?)
Left to grieve for all eternity / Must we flee before eternity?
Heavy is the crown we wear
That is the cost (At any cost) The burden I bear (I'll take it and bear)
Sombra, please, you have to let me go... / Luna, I will never let you go...


Music by:

The L-Train

Lyrics by:



  • The L-Train: music
  • Marc v/d Meulen: viola
  • TrueSailorComet: vocals (Celestia)
  • Hayley Nelson: vocals (Luna)
  • DaWillstanator: vocals (Sombra)
  • Choir: CxDr, Chris Hau, Citric Acid, DaWillstanator, Dylzal, Emily Barnaby, Francis Vace, Jacob W / Adir Nasiykh, Matthew Eater, Neighrator Pony, Northbound, Secret Metal, Seriff Pilcrow, Swedely, The L-Train, TrueSailorComet


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