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Movie soundtrack by The Kinks.
  • Soundtrack to the British film Percy.
  1. God's Children
  2. Lola (instrumental)
  3. The Way Love Used to Be
  4. Completely (instrumental)
  5. Running Round Town (instrumental)
  6. Moments
  7. Animals in the Zoo
  8. Just Friends
  9. Whip Lady (instrumental)
  10. Dreams
  11. Helga (instrumental)
  12. Willesden Green
  13. God's Children - End (instrumental)
Bonus Tracks on some CD reissues, the film versions (mono)
  1. Dreams
  2. Moments (instrumental)
  3. The Way Love Used to Be (instrumental)
  4. The Way Love Used to Be
  5. The Way Love Used to Be (instrumental)
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