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Dog On a Chain

This song is by The Juliana Hatfield Three and appears on the album Whatever, My Love (2015).

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You can't take it anymore
So put me out the back door
And slam it hard shut
I watched you clean up after me
I cut myself and let it bleed
All over your favorite rug
The one you love
It's Persian

Don't ever let me out of here
Just bring me back some souvenirs
From the world
Something I can tear apart
Paper, plastic, flesh, or heart
I will destroy everything if I'm set free
So don't untie me

I had to set these boundaries
Or I'll run into the street
And get run over by an SUV

I bark and growl and drool and snap
Take both hands and pull me back
By my neck
I must stay in the fenced-in yard
Scratching myself till I'm raw
I'm always hungry for something
For broken skin
I never get any satisfaction

I had to draw these boundaries
'Cause I'll run into the street
And get run over by an SUV

Written by:

Juliana Hatfield

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