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This song is by The John Butler Trio.

Hard working people from another land
looking for a little more
Coming to this country for a helping hand
You know they sail their ships upon these shores
And they are lookin for a freedom
that most of us don't appreciate
But you know man we can't let them in
Cos the government's full of racial hate

And then they got the nerve to say
They be takin our culture away
even though our ancestors tried to do the same to the Aborigine
Seems strange to me man strange to me
Don't it seem strange to you
That a country founded on immigration
is so damned racist too

And i say Home
Home is where the heart is
yeah Home

And then they got the nerve to say
they be takin our jobs away
Even though half the jobs that we're working for
are owned from overseas
and the other half of the companies
Yes Yes that they say that we rightly own
They operate on aisle three third world
That's right yeah the sweat shop zone

And I say I don't know what's going on
Don't know what the hell to say
The government decides on letting refugees in
and when they get here yes they are detained

And i don't know what's going on
Don't know the reason why
We live in an educated so called democracy
Where everybody decides to believe in lies
Believe in lies

Home is where the heart is yeah

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