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May This Be Love

This song is by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and appears on the album Are You Experienced (1967).

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This song is available as a downloadable track for the video games Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, Rock Band 4 and Rock Band Blitz.
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May This Be Love
Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all,
My worries seem so very small
With my waterfall.

I can see my rainbow calling me
Through the misty breeze
Of my waterfall.

Some people say day-dreaming's
For the lazy minded fools
With nothing else to do.

So let them laugh, laugh at me,
So just as long as I have you
To see me through,
I have nothing to lose 'long as I have you.

Waterfall, don't ever choose your ways.
Come with me for a million days,
Oh, my waterfall.


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