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Little Wing

This song is by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and appears on the album Axis: Bold as Love (1967) and on the box set The Jimi Hendrix Experience (2000).

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This song is available as a downloadable track for the video games BandFuse: Rock Legends, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, Rock Band 4, Rock Band Blitz and Rocksmith 2014.
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Little Wing
Well, she's walking through the clouds
With a circus mind,
That's running wild.
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
And fairy-tales,

That's all she ever thinks about ...

Riding with the wind.

When I'm sad, she comes to me
With a thousand smiles
She gives to me free.

It's alright, she says,
It's alright
Take anything you want from me,

Fly on, little wing.


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