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Shark Repellant

This song is by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up and appears on the album It's Winter Here (2001).

The noise of the train at the platform is the same hollow sound I keep
Hearing in my head. Like the brakes on the bus when I left you, it's
Mechanical and final and cold.
So we sat in your room and we drank all your beer and the words were right
There. I was holding them back and I made a conscious choice to just laugh
At your jokes and the pressure was making me nauseous.
Baby, the spiral is tightening around me and it seems like this house just
Gets smaller and colder and I'm deeper in debt. Baby, it feels like you're
Circling. So like survivors on some tropical waters I throw out the bait. I
Throw out the bait and hope for the best. Baby, I wish you the best.
So what do you see this has all meant for me? It's meant more days in bed
And more time off work. When you wake in the morning and you can't lift your
Head off the pillow you wonder how it came to this.
Baby, it feels like you're circling. So like survivors on some tropical
Waters I throw out the bait. I throw out the bait. Baby, the spiral is
Tightening around me. But I'm still hopeful.
I nod and smile sweetly HRH Passive Aggressive. I'd turn on the charm if I
Had some to turn on. Then maybe you'd keep me around for a while.

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