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Skull Of A German

This song is by The Jesus Lizard and appears on the album Shot (1996).

They found him
In the latrine hiding
Dressed in clothes
Fifteen layers deep
The food that he had bled on
Was arranged in stupid shapes
He must have cut his arms to garnish
Plates laid out for banquets
And he had taken others clothing
While they slept
Or while they played
If you want to pop him
I didn't see it
He'd been seen
Watching children playing
Because of what he was wearing
So when they finally caught him
He was embarrassed and ashamed
Not cause of his actions
Because of what they made him do
He was not jailed or beaten
He did not go to trial
If you want to pop him
I didn't see it
They made him
Leave in front of thousands
Of crazed and drunken people
Clad only in his boxers
Humiliated naked
Laughed at and then spit on
His punishment was lasting
Atonement is forever

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