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The Human Jungle

This song is by The Jazz Butcher and appears on the compilation album A Scandal in Bohemia / Sex & Travel (1986).

The Human Jungle starring Herbert Lom was never this much fun
And I'm ready to swear to that
The room is swaying like a boat
But I'm still afloat and that's a matter of fact
Let's address the last few facts we have today
See if any of them help in any way
Ask ourselves now, what would Dr. Korda say?
(Dr. Korda was the name of the character played by Herbert Lom in the early sixties TV series "The Human Jungle")
Oh, what'll he say when it comes on down?

And you don't ask why
Give me the sex and travel down in the human jungle (x2)
Give me the sex and travel (x2)
Down in the human jungle

Every Tuesday half-past two
We investigate all the things that people are
See the boy who lost his shoe
See the zoo
See the babies ride in unmarked cars
Then the advert brothers stumble in
Watch the telly, do the ironing
All those ladies never learn a thing
What can you say when it comes on down

Ba-da ba-da ba-ba bewitched

I'm a camera, I'm a clown
And every you make, I write it down
I know all about your house, I know all about your mouth
I know when, I've got to leave your town
He can help you to recovery
He knows the secrets of psychiatry
You're all now-a-go-go... certainly
But what'll it be when it comes on down?

What can anybody do or say? (x8)