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This song is by The JB Conspiracy and appears on the album This Machine (2007).

I don't like the way
That you think that you
Can take up all our land
With your upper class, grand ideals
And still expect the fools to kneel
I don't like it, no
I don't like the way
You think that you can do
Whatever's right by you
So much for your contry
The job that you devote your life to

Get up! Stant on your two feet and go
I don't wanna know
About you or your selfish ways

So just keep living
Off the wealth of your country
It's the only way that you know
I guess you never found a reason
Why you should go
And even now the batty old cow
Looks down with her nose turned up
You know she don't give a shit
She don't care a little bit

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