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The J. Geils Band (1970)Edit

The J. Geils Band - The J. Geils Band
The J. Geils Band
  1. Wait
  2. Ice Breaker (For The Big "M")
  3. Cruisin' For A Love
  4. Hard Drivin' Man
  5. Serves You Right To Suffer
  6. Homework
  7. First I Look At The Purse
  8. What's Your Hurry
  9. On Borrowed Time
  10. Pack Fair And Square
  11. Sno-Cone

The Morning After (1971)Edit

The J. Geils Band - The Morning After
The Morning After
  1. I Don't Need You No More
  2. Whammer Jammer
  3. So Sharp
  4. The Usual Place
  5. Gotta Have Your Love
  6. Looking For A Love
  7. Gonna Find Me A New Love
  8. Cry One More Time
  9. Floyd's Hotel
  10. It Ain't What You Do (It's How You Do It!)

Bloodshot (1973)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Bloodshot
  1. (Ain't Nothin' But A) Houseparty
  2. Make Up Your Mind
  3. Back To Get Ya
  4. Struttin' With My Baby
  5. Don't Try To Hide It
  6. Southside Shuffle
  7. Hold Your Loving
  8. Start All Over Again
  9. Give It To Me

Ladies Invited (1973)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Ladies Invited
Ladies Invited
  1. Did You No Wrong
  2. I Can't Go On
  3. Lay Your Good Thing Down
  4. That's Why I'm Thinking Of You
  5. No Doubt About It
  6. The Lady Makes Demands
  7. My Baby Don't Love Me
  8. Diddyboppin'
  9. Take A Chance (On Romance)
  10. Chimes

Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle (1974)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Nightmares...And Other Tales From the Vinyl Jungle
Nightmares...and Other Tales from the Vinyl Jungle
  1. Detroit Breakdown
  2. Givin' It All Up
  3. Must Of Got Lost
  4. Look Me In The Eye
  5. Nightmares
  6. Stoop Down #39
  7. I'll Be Comin' Home
  8. Funky Judge
  9. Gettin' Out

Hotline (1975)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Hotline
  1. Love-Itis
  2. Easy Way Out
  3. Think It Over
  4. Be Careful (What You Do)
  5. Jealous Love
  6. Mean Love
  7. Orange Driver
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Fancy Footwork

Monkey Island (1977)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Monkey Island
Monkey Island
  1. Surrender
  2. You're The Only One
  3. I Do
  4. Somebody
  5. I'm Falling
  6. Monkey Island
  7. I'm Not Rough
  8. So Good
  9. Wreckage

Sanctuary (1978)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Sanctuary
  1. I Could Hurt You
  2. One Last Kiss
  3. Take It Back
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Teresa
  6. Wild Man
  7. I Can't Believe You
  8. I Don't Hang Around Much Anymore
  9. Jus' Can't Stop Me

Love Stinks (1980)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Love Stinks
Love Stinks
  1. Just Can't Wait
  2. Come Back
  3. Takin' You Down
  4. Night Time
  5. No Anchovies, Please
  6. Love Stinks
  7. Tryin' Not To Think About It
  8. Desire (Please Don't Turn Away)
  9. Till The Walls Come Tumblin' Down

Freeze Frame (1981)Edit

The J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame
  1. Freeze Frame
  2. Rage In The Cage
  3. Centerfold
  4. Do You Remember When
  5. Insane, Insane Again
  6. Flamethrower
  7. River Blindness
  8. Angel In Blue
  9. Piss On The Wall

You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd (1984)Edit

The J. Geils Band - You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd
You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd
  1. Concealed Weapons
  2. Heavy Petting
  3. Wasted Youth
  4. Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe
  5. Tell 'Em, Jonesy
  6. You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd
  7. The Bite From Inside
  8. Californicatin'
  9. I Will Carry You Home

Other SongsEdit

  1. Fright Night
  2. Land of a Thousand Dances
  3. Raise Your Hand
  4. Where Did Our Love Go

Additional information

Years active:

1967-1985, 1999, 2005, 2006, 2009 - present

Band members:
Former members:
  • J. Geils
  • Stephen Jo Bladd
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