The Isaacs:They Don't Know What God Knows Lyrics

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They Don't Know What God Knows

This song is by The Isaacs and appears on the album Increase My Faith (1998).

Staring from the waithing room
Her eyes were filled with tears
She was trying not to question
How her sickness could be real
Doctor after Doctor gave her
Just a few more days
But with her faith in Jesus
She had the strenght to say

They don't know the God I serve
Already knows the answers
They don't know he still works
And holds us in His hand
Man may give his best opinion
On what the future holds
But I look up for my solution
For they don't know what God knows

Christians if we live our lives
The way that Jesus would
Then surely there will be those
Will persecute our good
And just as Jesus witnessed
To the scorning multitudes
Let's tell those unbelievers
That they can know him too

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