The Isaacs:She Cries Lyrics

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She Cries

This song is by The Isaacs and appears on the album Increase My Faith (1998).

She holds him close her baby son
As wise men view the Holy One
So amazed at what she's done
and she cries
She draws Him gently to her breast
His tiny hands caressed
Not knowing just why she was blessed
and she cries

Chorus One
She cries with tears of joy
The waiting now has passed
She holds here baby boy at last
and she cries

She sees three crosses on a hill
She knows it was the Father's will
So struck with grief
her heart stands still
and she cries
And there upon the mountainside
Her disbeleif she connot hide
As her own son is crucified
and she cries

Chorus Two
She cries with tears of pain
The darknest days she's ever know
How could they leave him here alone
and she cries

Another time another place
She looks upon the Master's face
The sorrow gone and all the pain erased
So amazed how this could be
But how it's all clear to see
She bows before His Majesty
and she cries

Chorus Three
She cries with tears of joy
The waiting now has passed
She holds the risen king at last
And she cries with tears of joy
And now tere'll be no more goodbyes
He wipes the tears from her eyes
and she cries

She cries... Mary cries