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The Pride Of Portrush Town

This song is by The Irish Rovers and appears on the album Another Round (2002).

One morning fair I took the air
Along the Portrush strand
The waves did roar upon the shore
And washed the golden sand
The white cliffs rang as the wee birds sang
All nature did abound
When a lass I spied by the water side
The pride of Portrush town

Her smiles as bright as the sunlight
That sparkles on the grass
Her rosy cheeks and carriage neat
Adorned this comely lass
Her curling hair is soft and fair
And it gently tumbles down
If I were king she'd be my queen
The pride of Portrush town

If you consent it's my intent
To walk with you awhile
Oh please comply to not deny
For you've my poor heart beguiled
No doctor's pills can cure the ill
When Cupid comes around
My heart will grieve if I must leave
The pride of Portrush town

Says she you're free to walk with me
But you are a bold young man
You're roguish ways might me betray
As you may understand
But if you are true I'll follow you
Wherever you are bound
For Cupid's dart has pierced the heart
Of the pride of Portrush town

Then hand in hand we walked the strand
Down by the raging main
My heart was snared by her beauty rare
But I had no cares nor kin
We joined our hands in wedded bands
For true love we have found
As time goes by my love won't die
For the pride of Portrush town