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The First Of The Irish Rovers (1966)Edit

The Irish Rovers - The First Of The Irish Rovers
The First Of The Irish Rovers
  1. The Irish Rover
  2. My Boy Willie
  3. The Rattling Bog
  4. Coulter's Candy
  5. My Old Man's a Dustman
  6. Patsy Fagan
  7. I Don't Mind If I Do
  8. Many Young Men of Twenty
  9. Mick Maguire
  10. Donald, Where's Your Trousers?
  11. Nancy Whiskey

The Unicorn (1967)Edit

The Irish Rovers - The Unicorn
The Unicorn
  1. The Unicorn
  2. Bonnie Kellswater
  3. The Orange and the Green
  4. Hiring Fair
  5. Bridget Flynn
  6. Come In
  7. Goodbye Mrs. Durkin
  8. Pat of Mullingar
  9. The Wind that Shakes the Corn
  10. The First Love in Life
  11. Black Velvet Band

All Hung Up (1968)Edit

The Irish Rovers - All Hung Up
All Hung Up
  1. Whiskey On A Sunday
  2. Cold Winter Shadows
  3. Shamrock Shore
  4. My Little Maureen
  5. Bare Legged Joe
  6. Goodnight Irene
  7. The Biplane, Evermore
  8. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight?
  9. Liverpool Lou
  10. Up Among The Heather
  11. Henry Joe McCracken
  12. Rovers Fancy

The Life of the Rover (1969)Edit

The Irish Rovers - The Life of the Rover
The Life of the Rover
  1. Fifi O'Toole
  2. Pleasant and Delightful
  3. Orange Nickelodeon
  4. King Of The Fairies
  5. Molecatcher
  6. Winken, Blinken and Nod
  7. Sullivan's John
  8. Bunclody Cuckoo
  9. Sam Hall
  10. Banks Of Newfoundland
  11. The Life of The Rover

On the Shores of Americay (1971)Edit

The Irish Rovers - On the Shores of Americay
On the Shores of Americay
  1. The Shores Of Americay
  2. Lament for the Molly Maguires
  3. Fiddler's Green
  4. Marika's Lullaby
  5. Mountain Tay
  6. The Marvelous Toy
  7. Rhymes And Reasons
  8. Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat
  9. Years May Come, Years May Go
  10. Bonnie Woodgreen
  11. Farewell To Nova Scotia

Live! (1972)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Live!
  1. What Wid Ye Do
  2. I'm a Rambler
  3. Step It Out Mary
  4. We'll Rant and We'll Roar
  5. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
  6. Windy Old Weather
  7. Valparaiso
  8. Lord of the Dance
  9. Barley Mow
  10. When the Shipyards Go Back on Full Time
  11. Morningtown Ride
  12. Road to Gundagai

Emigrate! Emigrate! (1973)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Emigrate! Emigrate!
Emigrate! Emigrate!
  1. The Passing of the Gale
  2. Yellow Gals
  3. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores
  4. Farewell to Carlingford
  5. Mary of Dungloe
  6. Emigration Medley
  7. Cobblers
  8. Paddy on the Railway
  9. Northern Rake
  10. Children of Hate
  11. Catch Another Butterfly
  12. The Gypsy
  13. 60 Seconds to Get Out - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral

Tales To Warm Your Mind (1973)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Tales To Warm Your Mind
Tales To Warm Your Mind
  1. Stop, Look, Listen
  2. The Stolen Child
  3. Penny Whistle Peddler
  4. The Village of Brambleshire Wood
  5. Oh You Mucky Kid
  6. Lily the Pink
  7. Mrs. Crandall's Boarding House
  8. Our Little Boy Blue
  9. The Minstrel of Cranberry Lane
  10. Ally-Bally
  11. Pigs Can't Fly

Children of the Unicorn (1976)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Children Of The Unicorn
Children Of The Unicorn
  1. Puff, the Magic Dragon
  2. Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
  3. The Lollipop Tree
  4. The Music Man
  5. Katrina
  6. Jack & The Beanstock
  7. Kids Medley Number 2: Boa Constrictor / Keep on the Sunnyside
  8. Golden Slumbers
  9. The Sandman
  10. Morningtown Ride
  11. Bun Worrier Twerp & Me
  12. The Little Match Girl
  13. The Fox
  14. Kids Medley No. 1: This Old Man / Blue Tail Fly / Skip to My Lou / Ha, Ha This Away
  15. Two Little Boys
  16. Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser!
  17. The Littlest Leprachaun
  18. The Drovers Dream
  19. The Unicorn
  20. Purple People Eater

In Australia (1976)Edit

The Irish Rovers - In Australia
In Australia
  1. South Australia
  2. The Orange and the Green
  3. Waltzing Matilda
  4. The Unicorn
  5. Come By The Hills
  6. 10,000 Miles Away
  7. Click Go The Shears
  8. Queensland Drovers
  9. Whiskey on a Sunday
  10. The Overlanders
  11. The Pub With No Beer
  12. Black Velvet Band
  13. Sunny Sydney Lady
  14. Wild Colonial Boy
  15. Drovers Dream
  16. Wild Rover No More
  17. Sydney Harbour Ferry Boat
  18. Lazy Harry
  19. Botany Bay
  20. The Biplane, Evermore

Party Pack (1976)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Party Pack
Party Pack
  1. Wasn't That A Party
  2. Whiskey On A Sunday
  3. Whiskey You're The Devil
  4. Another Little Drink
  5. Blow The Man Down
  6. Sloop John B
  7. Bonnie Kellswater
  8. Maggie
  9. Years May Come, Years May Go
  10. Lord Of The Dance
  11. The Unicorn
  12. Orange And Green
  13. Dublin O'Shea
  14. Swallow's Tail
  15. Puff, the Magic Dragon
  16. Bottle of Wine
  17. Valparaiso
  18. Rio Grande
  19. Black Velvet Band
  20. Waltzing Matilda

Tall Ships And Salty Dogs (1979)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Tall Ships And Salty Dogs
Tall Ships And Salty Dogs
  1. The Day the Tall Ships Came
  2. New York Gals
  3. Bluenose
  4. Cape Anne
  5. Missionary's Child
  6. The Old Balena
  7. Rio Grande
  8. Blow the Man Down
  9. Jigs
  10. The I'm Alone at Lunnenburg N.S.
  11. The Sloop John B
  12. The Wanderer and the Whale
  13. Foolish Old Man
  14. If We Weren't Devils
  15. Dublin O'Shea
  16. The Spey and Spate
  17. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
  18. McDonald's Raiders and Battle of Garvagh

The Rovers (1980)Edit

The Irish Rovers - The Rovers
The Rovers
  1. Mexican Girl
  2. Yo Yo Man
  3. Tara
  4. Matchstick Men
  5. Pheasant Plucker's Son
  6. Wasn't That a Party
  7. Fireflyte
  8. Movie Cowboys
  9. Victory Chimes
  10. Here's to the Horses

Pain in My Past (1981)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Pain in My Past
Pain in My Past
  1. Pain In My Past
  2. People Who Read People Magazine
  3. Other Side Of The Sun
  4. Me And Millie
  5. Willie McBride
  6. What's A Nice Guy Like Me
  7. No More Bread And Butter
  8. Roly Poly Ladies
  9. Daddies
  10. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy

Party Album (1981)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Party Album
Party Album
  1. Wasn't That A Party
  2. Movie Cowboys
  3. Pheasant Plucker
  4. Cobblers
  5. Northern Rake
  6. Sloop John B
  7. Irish Rover
  8. Matrimony Blues
  9. Missionary's Child
  10. Sydney Harbour Ferry Boat
  11. The Unicorn
  12. Here's To The Horses
  13. Wild Rover No More
  14. Whiskey On A Sunday
  15. If We Weren't Devils
  16. Pub With No Beer
  17. Yellow Gals
  18. Dublin O'Shea
  19. Barley Mow
  20. Swallows' Tail

It Was a Night Like This (1982)Edit

The Irish Rovers - It Was a Night Like This
It Was a Night Like This
  1. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  2. The Christmas Wish
  3. The Christmas Traveller
  4. Christmas Eve
  5. Merry Bloody Xmas
  6. Honky Tonk Christmas
  7. Scarlett Ribbons
  8. It's Christmas
  9. Rock Along Christmas
  10. The Peace Carol
  11. It Was A Night Like This

Party With the Rovers (1985)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Party With the Rovers
Party With the Rovers
  1. Everybody's Makin' It But Me
  2. Lonesome Travellin' This Train
  3. Mama Was a Moonshine Man
  4. Down in the Devil's Den
  5. Swallow's Tail
  6. Rollin' River
  7. The Boys Are Going Drinking Tonite
  8. Bottle of Wine
  9. Dig a Little Deeper in the Well
  10. Frail, Tho My Spirit May Be
  11. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour on the Bedpost Overnight?
  12. Wasn't That a Party

Hardstuff (1989)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Hardstuff
  1. All Sing Together
  2. Paddy on the Turnpike
  3. Belfast
  4. Buy Us a Drink
  5. First Day on the Somme
  6. Mama's Got a Squeezebox
  7. Don't Fly Away
  8. Down by the Sally Gardens
  9. Finnegan's Wake
  10. The Other Side of the Evening

Silver Anniversary (1989)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Silver Anniversary
Silver Anniversary
  1. What Wid Ye Do
  2. Mick Maguire
  3. My Green Valleys
  4. McDonald's Raiders
  5. Reels: a) Pigeon on the Gate b) The Teetotaler
  6. Grandma's Rocking Chair
  7. Castle of Dromore
  8. Rare Old Mountain Dew
  9. Maggie Mae
  10. Rathdrum Fair
  11. Windship
  12. Mama was a Moonshine Man
  13. Circle of Seasons
  14. New York Gals
  15. The Unicorn
  16. Come and Dance to Paddy's Reels
  17. Song of the Antrim Coast
  18. Sand And The Foam
  19. The Bonnie Lady
  20. Jigs: a)The Frost is all Over b) The Rakes of Kildare c) I Will if I Can
  21. The Flower of Sweet Strabane
  22. The Shores of Americay
  23. Maid of Fife-O
  24. Summertime is Coming
  25. The Ghosts of Cape Horn
  26. Sweet Jazz Babies
  27. Come by the Hills
  28. Wasn't That a Party

No More Bread and Butter (1992)Edit

The Irish Rovers - No More Bread and Butter
No More Bread and Butter
  1. What's A Nice Guy Like Me (Doin' In A Place Like This)
  2. No More Bread And Butter
  3. Roly Poly Ladies
  4. Class of '69
  5. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
  6. Pain In My Past
  7. The Other Side of the Sun
  8. Me and Millie
  9. Willie McBride
  10. One Sunday Morning

The Boys Come Rollin' Home (1992)Edit

The Irish Rovers - The Boys Come Rollin' Home
The Boys Come Rollin' Home
  1. When the Boys Come Rollin' Home
  2. The Spanish Lady
  3. Lorena
  4. Killiburn Brae
  5. Music in the Glen
  6. The Sand and the Foam
  7. The Bonnie Lady
  8. Las Veagas in the Hills of Donegal
  9. The Shadow of O'Casey
  10. The Irish Rover
  11. Travellin' Man
  12. Isle of Innisfree
  13. Bold O'Donahue
  14. Bonnie Kellswater
  15. Farmer's Song

Celtic Collection: The Next Thirty Years (1995)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Celtic Collection- The Next Thirty Years
Celtic Collection: The Next Thirty Years
  1. Willie's Gone Aw
  2. Sweet Strabane
  3. The Orange and the Green
  4. Glencoe
  5. Three Reels
  6. Let Mr. McGuire Sit Down
  7. Bonnie Lassie-O
  8. Belle of Belfast City
  9. The Unicorn
  10. The Barley Mow
  11. The Braes O'Killicrankie
  12. Come by the Hills
  13. Three Jigs
  14. Darlin' Sporting Jenny
  15. The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee
  16. Dublin O'Shea
  17. Rolling Home to Ireland
  18. Wasn't That a Party

The Best of the Irish Rovers (1999)Edit

The Irish Rovers - The Best of the Irish Rovers
The Best of the Irish Rovers
  1. The Unicorn
  2. Liverpool Lou
  3. The Orange And The Green
  4. Lily The Pink
  5. Did She Mention My Name
  6. The Irish Rover
  7. Whiskey On A Sunday aka (The Puppet Song)
  8. The Biplane, Evermore
  9. Mrs. Crandall's Boarding House
  10. Winken, Blinken And Nod
  11. Goodbye Mrs. Durkin
  12. The Black Velvet Band
  13. Years May Come, Years May Go
  14. The Marvelous Toy
  15. Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat
  16. Nancy Whiskey

Songs of Christmas (1999)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Songs of Christmas
Songs of Christmas
  1. Bells Over Belfast
  2. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  3. Christmas Caroling
  4. Away In A Manger
  5. Good King Wenceslas
  6. We Three Kings
  7. The Christmas Traveller
  8. What Child Is This?
  9. Christmas In Killarney
  10. Silent Night
  11. Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake
  12. All Through The Night
  13. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  14. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Upon a Shamrock Shore: Songs of Ireland and the Irish (2000)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Upon a Shamrock Shore- Songs of Ireland and the Irish
Upon a Shamrock Shore- Songs of Ireland and the Irish
  1. King of the Fairies
  2. Mountain Tay
  3. Bridget Flynn
  4. Up Among the Heather
  5. Bonnie Kellswater
  6. Pat from Mullingar
  7. Rovers Fancy
  8. Penny Whistle Peddler
  9. Shamrock Shore
  10. Banks of Newfoundland
  11. Shores of Americay
  12. Lament for the Molly Maguires
  13. Fiddler's Green
  14. The Rovers Street Song Medley
  15. Pigs Can't Fly (Unsweetened)

Down By The Lagan Side (2000)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Down By The Lagan Side
Down By The Lagan Side
  1. Boys of Belfast
  2. Over the Ocean
  3. Erin's Green Isle
  4. Rambling and Roving
  5. Jigs
  6. Back Home in Sweet Tralee
  7. Staten Island
  8. St. Brendan's Fair Isle
  9. The Crockery Ware
  10. Wild Slieve Gallen Brae
  11. The Rambler From Derry
  12. Hornpipes and Reels
  13. Roses of Prince Charlie
  14. Down by the Lagan Side

Another Round (2002)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Another Round
Another Round
  1. The Roving Trade
  2. The Rake
  3. Glenarm Bay
  4. I'm a Rover
  5. Don't Call Me Early in the Morning
  6. Planxty Morgan Magan/The Morning Dew
  7. The Wee Lass on the Brae
  8. The Jolly Roving Tar
  9. The Pride of Portrush Town
  10. The Giant's Causeway Tram
  11. The Good Ship Rover
  12. Down Among the Bushes of Jerusalem
  13. The Best of Friends Must Part
  14. The Dark Island

Collection (2002)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Collection
Disc 1
  1. Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron
  2. Beautiful Affair
  3. Father and Son
  4. Maggie May
  5. The Orange and the Green
  6. Whiskey in the Jar
  7. Pat of Mullingar
  8. The First Love in Life
  9. The Wind That Shakes the Corn
  10. Farewell to Nova Scotia
  11. If You're Irish
  12. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
  13. Belle of Belfast City
  14. The Fields of Athenry
  15. Mick Maguire
  16. What Do We Do With a Drunken Sailor
  17. Carrickfergus
  18. The Marvelous Toy
  19. The Wild Rover
  20. Celtic Jig
  21. Rolling Home to Ireland
  22. Pogues
Disc 2
  1. Black Velvet Band
  2. Rebel Song - Fuck the British Army
  3. The Rattling Bog
  4. Wild Rover's Ghost
  5. Fiddler's Green
  6. Christmas in Killarney
  7. The Irish Rover
  8. Nancy Whiskey
  9. Whiskey on a Sunday
  10. Lily the Pink
  11. Pride of Petrevoe
  12. The Town I Loved So Well
  13. The Drunk Scottsman Song
  14. Goodbye Mrs. Durkin
  15. Bonnie Dundee
  16. Waltzing Matilda
  17. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour
  18. Steppin' Out Mary
  19. Tura Lura Lura
  20. I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler
  21. The Leaving of Liverpool
  22. Molly Malone
Disc 3
  1. The Unicorn
  2. Lord of the Dance
  3. Bottle of Wine
  4. Years May Come, Years May Go
  5. The Ferryman
  6. Finnegan's Wake
  7. Blow the Man Down
  8. Under the Scotsman's Kilt
  9. Whistling Gypsy
  10. Puff, the Magic Dragon
  11. Nancy Spain
  12. The Lonesome Boatman
  13. Irish Wedding Song
  14. Danny Boy
  15. The Scottsman
  16. Rock Along Christmas
  17. The Biplane, Evermore
  18. Donald, Where's Your Trousers?
  19. The Korgis
  20. Goodnight Irene
  21. No Nay Never
  22. Wasn't That a Party

40 Years A-Rovin' (2005)Edit

The Irish Rovers - 40 Years a-Rovin'
40 Years a-Rovin'
Disc 1
  1. A Long Time Ago
  2. Toor-I-Ah
  3. Banks of the Roses
  4. Liza Jane
  5. The Girls Along the Road
  6. Botany Bay
  7. New York Gals
  8. Coulter's Candy
  9. Instrumental Reels - the Girl Who Broke My Heart/ the Lady on the Island/ Music in the Glen
  10. The Maid of Coolmore
  11. Kelly From Killann
  12. Mingulay Boat Song
  13. Little Skillet Pot
  14. Dunluce Castle
Disc 2
  1. The Wild Colonial Boy
  2. Home From the Sea
  3. Bold O'donahue
  4. Avondale
  5. Recruiting Sergeant
  6. No Man's Land
  7. Give Me Your Hand (Tabhair Dom Do Lamh)
  8. Haul Away Joe
  9. Valparaiso Round the Horn
  10. The Black Velvet Band
  11. Kellswater
  12. The Unicorn
  13. Wasn't That a Party
  14. Drunken Sailor

Still Rovin' After All These Years (2007)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Still Rovin' After All These Years
Still Rovin' After All These Years
  1. The Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
  2. Up Among The Heather
  3. The Dear Little Shamrock Shore
  4. Jig Set: Father Kelly's Jig/Langstrom's Pony/The Lark In The Morning
  5. Brady Of Strabane
  6. Let The Toast Go Round
  7. I Will Go A-Rovin'
  8. Mary Of Dungloe
  9. The Farmer's Young Wife
  10. The Gypsy
  11. Rory Murphy
  12. Sweet Lovely Joan
  13. Instrumental Reels
  14. Forty Years A-Rovin'
  15. Boolevogue

Drunken Sailor (2012)Edit

The Irish Rovers - Drunken Sailor
Drunken Sailor
  1. Drunken Sailor
  2. Whores and Hounds
  3. Cruising 'round Yarmouth
  4. Good Luck to the Barleymow
  5. Sweet Anne
  6. All for Me Grog
  7. Trust in Drink
  8. The Jolly Roving Tar
  9. The Good Ship Rover
  10. Dear Ould Ireland
  11. Across the Western Sea
  12. Pleasant and Delightful
  13. The Titanic
  14. The Dublin Pub Crawl

Additional information

Artist information:
Years active:
  • 1963-present
Band members:
  • George Millar
  • Wilcil McDowell
  • John Reynolds
  • Sean O'Driscoll
  • Ian Millar
  • Fred Graham
Former members:
  • Jimmy Ferguson
  • Will Millar
  • Joe Millar
  • Paul Lawton
  • Wallace Hood
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