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This song is by The Irish Descendants and appears on the album Rollin' Home (1998) and on the album We Are The Irish Descendants (2004).

I was making my way down Brafton street, my head was in a spin
Not knowing my destination, not knowing where I'd been.
The world and all it's pressures kept forcin' me to rush
I stepped inside old Malachy's place and felt a soothing hush.

Malachy stood behind the bar dressed in his apron white
A philosopher of sort, he claimed, and sometimes he was right
A curious combination of poet and of sage
Yet he had a healthy outlook you won't find on any page

He said, "Sit down, what's your hurry? No need to move so fast.
Life will offer you many things, and some that may not last.
The things that we ought to cherish and search for till the end,
Are the moments we chance upon, like the beauty of the setting sun
And I haven't met a man yet I cannot call my friend."

"I've made some observations of this species we call man,
Some clear miscalculations have been drifting from the plan"
Malachy pulled another pint, delighted when I asked,
"What's this plan you speak about?" He said, "About the task,

Of giving his philosophies and sharing his own views
Of life and all it's secrets, so recognized by few
A simple affirmation to live by day to day
He placed his elbows on the bar, and then I heard him say,

Been a long time traveling, he'd seen many distant lands
He'd lived in many cultures and shaken many hands
With a tried and true philosophy and a prayer for every day
He placed his elbows on the bar, and then I heard him say,

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