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Go To Sea No More

This song is by The Irish Descendants and appears…

Its another day we go
Sailing o're the blue
I look to the horizon
My thoughts drift home to you

A young man only seventeen
Adventure could'nt wait
Set sail from home on a fishing ship
Bound for the boston state

I shipped out on a glouster smack
And fished the georges bank
The work was hard
And the wages fare
To the good lord I gave thanks

Although I've had a good life
As good as any man
If I could change the course of time
Id live in my home land

My thoughts are always with you
Have you changed since I've been gone

Oh how I long to see you
The time has been so long
If I could get just one more chance
To walk your rugged shore
Id train the life I chose to make
And go to sea no more

Last night as I lay dreaming
I sailed the raging foam
My ship she took me far away
To the rocky shores of home

And I could write a thousand lines
To say just how I feel
I hope and pray that some fine day
My dreams they can be real

Chorus: repeat 2 times

Id train the life I chose to make
And go to sea no more

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