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Look to the Sea (1994)Edit

The Irish Descendants - Look to the Sea

Look to the Sea

  1. Rollin' of the Sea
  2. Useta Love Her
  3. Rocky Road to Dublin
  4. Days of Yore
  5. Dancin' Dick/Lough
  6. Geil/Fisherman's Widow
  7. Peter Street
  8. Go to Sea No More
  9. Last of the Great Whales
  10. Thousand Tall Ships/The Scholar/Miss McClouds Reel Oh No Not I
  11. Lark in the Morning
  12. Fisherman's Song

Gypsies And Lovers (1995)Edit

The Irish Descendants - Gypsies and Lovers

Gypsies And Lovers

  1. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  2. Catch the Wind
  3. Barrett's Privateers
  4. Merry Blacksmith, Swallow's Tale, Banshee
  5. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's
  6. Rattlin' Bog
  7. Will They Lie There Evermore
  8. My Lagan Love, Drowsy Maggie, Dionne Reel
  9. A Walk In The Irish Rain
  10. Lovers

Livin' On The Edge (1996)Edit

The Irish Descendants - Livin' on the Edge

Livin' On The Edge

  1. Gypsy Maiden
  2. Everyone's Sons and Daughters
  3. The Rock and a Hard Place
  4. Shamrock City
  5. The Eavesdropper/The Connaughtman's Rambles
  6. Days Of Giving
  7. John O'Dreams
  8. Uncle Dan
  9. Black Is The Colour
  10. Irish Rover
  11. I No More Will Be Passing This Way
  12. The Two Ronnies/Broderick's Reel
  13. Dirty Old Town
  14. Away

Rollin' Home (1998)Edit

  1. The Dublin Reel
  2. Rollin' Home
  3. Murphy Broke The Pledge
  4. Let Her Go Down
  5. Mister O'Rourke's Reels
  6. Malachy
  7. Colleen Malone
  8. Never Been There Before
  9. Nancy Miles
  10. Madeline
  11. The Donegal Set
  12. All Around My Hat

So Far So Good (1999)Edit

  1. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  2. Shamrock City
  3. Catch the Wind
  4. Peter Street
  5. The Dublin Reel
  6. Days of Yore
  7. Rattlin' Bog
  8. Go to Sea no More
  9. A Walk in the Irish Rain
  10. Let me Fish off Cape St. Mary's
  11. Barrett's Privateers
  12. The Two Ronnies - Broderick's Reel
  13. Uncle Dan
  14. Out from St. Leonards
  15. Rollin' Home
  16. Sam Hall
  17. Rocky Road to Dublin
  18. Last of the Great Whales
  19. Never Been There Before

We Are the Irish Descendants (2004)Edit

The Irish Descendants - We Are the Irish Descendants

We Are the Irish Descendants

  1. The Dublin Reel
  2. A Walk in the Irish Rain
  3. Go to Sea No More
  4. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  5. The Black and Tans
  6. Dirty Old Town
  7. Rattlin' Bog
  8. Let me Fish Off Cape St Mary's
  9. Irish Rover
  10. Murphy Broke the Pledge
  11. Malachy
  12. Sam Hall
  13. Barrett's Privateers
  14. Rocky Road to Dublin
  15. Never Been there Before
  16. Shamrock City


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