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Isle Of The Sirens

This song is by The Impressions and appears on the album The Fabulous Impressions (1967).

"There's a story of beautiful women
On an Island in the sea
Who call to men sailing by
Though we stayed on our course
I could hear them calling me
And Lord I can't stand
That beautiful cry

Keep course, cried the Captain
Ignore them, let them be
Straight ahead, cried the Captain
Sail on by and stay free
Remember laws of mutiny

And as we moved
The voices got louder
They sing beautiful things in my ear
I must go to this island of women
I must see these creatures I hear
Love is blind and desire has no fear

Keep course, cried the Captain
Straight ahead you stubborn man
We're all lonely cried the Captain
Take heed from an old old man
For you don't understand

Old man, your information
Makes no sense to me
For you know nothing
Of temptation
And desires I have in me
And off I leaped into the sea

Keep course, cried the Captain
Keep course, cried the Captain
Keep course
Keep course ... "