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​What It Takes To Be A King

This song is by The Icons and appears on the album Mom, We Like It Here On Earth (1994).

As my subjects wait for me
I proudly hold me stance
To declare a court
Where we will meet and serve
The darkness of night gathered
My brother Thomas fell
Into my chamber with a sword
Hiding there
He hoped to claim the reign

Two children wrapped
In black and gold
Their father lay them down
Maidens came from far away
To offer them their mothers milk
They dreamed of glory
Dreamed of triumph
Blaring with the trumpets sound
The twins would hide their fear in fervor
For only one would ever know the crown

What it takes to be a king
If you're my brother
You would know what's happening
For the reign

Behind the crucifix he stalked
Such inventive rites of passion
But I was bred for lust and power
I had such romantic visions
One step ahead
I swung quickly
As my sword struck his chest he cried
And everything he ever loved
All his pain
Became mine as he died

The master beckons
I will follow
It's all been told through
Cards and runes and guillotines
Thinking I
Remember kissing you
Deliver me unto the Father
Deliver me unto the Lord
Wash me of all my sins so cruel
One of my precious children will one day rule