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​Sleep Baby Sleep

This song is by The Icons and appears on the album Mom, We Like It Here On Earth (1994).

Sleep, baby, sleep, sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep, sleep

I'm looking back
You're here again
You are my child
You are my friend
My friend to be
My friend that was
My friend that's sometimes older

The waves crashed up upon the shore
Seems like I always wanted more
Seems like I fell from far above
Seems like he filled me with his love
Seems like he wants me here again
To be with you my child, my friend
Seems like I've always cared for you
I am your mother with stories for you

Stay down
Stay down
Stay down
Stay down
The planets far above us
They whisper secrets not to be heard till you're grown
They love you so much
They love you so much
They love you so much
But not half as much as we love you

So sleep pretty baby and dream of night lights and spinning mobiles and dust

Sleep, baby, sleep, sleep