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This song is by The House Of Love and appears on the album She Paints Words In Red (2013).

Baby you're the only thing
A jewel upon the dust, a cavity to fill
A hill upon a hill, a cross upon a cross
A deeper riches red, a purple killer rose

And I rise and climb away, a fist through any calm
I shower you in rain as you watch the world through my eyes
The fruit within my hands, the soil beneath my feet
The siren of my glow, the trouble in my sleep

Baby you're the only thing
A trader on your own, curator of your role
And with a plan I run away, I touch the torch of fools
I'm running up my debts, I just return to you

And I'd rather know you well than see you in a car
You said you loved the dark, when you see the world through my eyes
I'd rather know you well, you push me through the walls
Your head is such a gain, baby you're the only thing

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