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​Lost In The Blues

This song is by The House Of Love and appears on the album She Paints Words In Red (2013).

Tears that lie on my face
Don't show the thorn in my mind
I'll sip this honey all night through
Just to drink to a vision of you
I'm lost in the blues and nobody knows it

I got myself loaded and I drove
Had a bang, spent a night in the cells
And I was so sorry, so ashamed
Though I know I'll do it again
I'm lost in the blues and nobody knows it
I'm lost in those dark old hours, she's gone away
I'm low as the deepest sea and laughter's completely left me
Lost in the blues and nobody cares

I get out on the street, I've got flowers in my hands
I've got clothes, I've got shoes but I've got no love at all
Money isn't everything, you can't buy luck
You can stick it up your nose
You can fly but you just can't get close to the one you really love...