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Curse Of The Oil Snakes

This song is by The Hope Conspiracy and appears on the album Death Knows Your Name (2006).

Enemy of a world gone blind
Save yourself
It's all coming down
No time to catch our breath
Raised glass
Kiss of death
All the saints
Fucking lied

Jesus Christ
Load the guns of war
Say goodbye
To all your filthy looters
Greed machine
On the loose
To make it free
Another enemy
Another perfect day

These ears
Are deaf to you
These eyes
Can see right through
Your banner's
Drenched in blood
A life, a legacy, a fraud

Annihilation grows
In the bones of a stolen home
In the face of dying trees
The killers reap
What has been sown

There's blood on your hands
The stench of every injustice
And god's on your side
So you can sleep at night

It's coming down

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