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Sweet Unknown

This song is by The Hope Blister and appears on the album ...Smile's OK (1998).

I've heard a lot about this girl now
And I don't want to hear about her now
If you think she's what you need then go now
"Good luck, might see you again" is our road now
I feel so sad, can this be right?
I loved our days and I loved our nights
I loved it when you would hold me tight
And for a while our world seemed bright

I've heard alot about this girl
She gives you the run around for sure
And you're pushing me away
So I'm taking my love away
And I hope one day you find the things you really need
But I feel so sad my body aches
I feel so sad, like I could break
I hold on for another day but my whole world has blown away
But please remember I loved you dearly
Just wanted to kiss, to hold you near me

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