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Only Human

This song is by The Hope Blister and appears on the album ...Smile's OK (1998).

And if I am just who you think I may be
Well then, I'll know where's the right and wrong
If anyone could tell me I wouldn't listen anyway
If anyone should offer me their time could I take it from them?
And I'm used to my own company
But I know that's no way to stay
If anyone should ask me, would I tell them everything?
If anyone should offer me their heart, could I give the same way?
'Cause I'm so afraid I'm too far gone
But I know I'll find a way to be
If anyone could help me, then would I let them try?
If anyone should open up their arms could I step inside?
Nothing gets lost without something being gained
But I know I need to change
So say I'm only human
And don't you let me live alone
And anyone that's listening to these words
Do you recognize this?

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