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B-Boy Battles

This song is by The Hood Internet and appears on the album The Mixtape Volume One (2007).

It's on fire tonight
Everything on my side is lookin' all right
It's high power original, b-boy traditional
Raw bass material, huh, when individual
True brand imperial you're hearin on your stereo
Transcribe the live, the Mos, Def init-ial
Sit BACK, and listen, you ain't, in no position
To deal with my condition-al mentally and physical
Strength is indivisible, crews be comin' pitiful
Speech be sound typical, downfall habitual
Ock, I'm not feelin' You, don't know what your label tellin' you
Or what magic beans they sellin you
I can flow, you can't though, example
Of a cat who just a modern day Sambo (yeah)
Who be bitchin out to A&R demands so
You can collect your little petty cash advance, hoe
You knock-kneed and sloppy, but not me
I'm I-N-D, E-P-E, N-D-E-N-T

It was a jam at the center, and the party was shakin
And the poppers was poppin', and the breakers was breakin
And it won't be long till everybody know that
B-boys rock the document! - Do it!

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