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B Is For Brutus

This song is by The Hives and appears on the album Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004).

Hear them saying that a lot's a lot
You think that is all that matters?
You've done your math well
You've checked the figures
You've done your math, tell
Who is the bigger man
Can't explain it but you've got a hunch
Well, that's always something
Climb up the ladder, step up a notch
Climb up the ladder, can you see what you got?

But if you do it, do it good, Brutus
Real good, like a little man should

Did your whole world tell you work the mob?
Because it's all you can do
Try for a lot, still you have a little
Harder to happen, mister, you couldn't figure ... out
Of the road still you can't get it right
Can't get a lot for a little
You keep trying, ended up in the middle
Having a name like that ended up with a riddle

But if you do it, do it good, Brutus
Real good, like a little man should

Rewind and look at what you got
An ambition but you lost the plot
Shoot us, Brutus, prison time is going to do
What's expected of you

Real good
Like a little man should

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