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This song is by The Hissyfits and appears on the album Letters From Frank (2001).

I whisper sister
You act like you don't understand
I've got a blister
Trying in vain to hold your hand

You call me precious
I can hear the bark inside your bite
You should chew it over
Or you could end up choking on your spite

Do you see what you want to be,
What you're hiding from
When you look at me?
Do you see what you want to see?

It's ok to be yourself as long as you're like me
You can be yourself as long as you're like me

Take away the sugar
And add a cup of sticks and stones
Without the sweetness
We're all still made of blood and bones

If I cut my hair, if I dyed my skin,
If I didn't care would you let me in?
If I didn't try, if I didn't bleed
If I didn't cry, would you let me breathe?

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