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Goin' Out To Skate

This song is by The Hippos.

Don't wanna understand what my school's about
Don't wanna sit and read inside a room
I wanna scream and shout
I wanna feel my freedom in my hand
Don't wanna wake up at 8!
I Wanna play guitar with pots and pans
I Wanna sit and Masturbate

Cause everyone is going out to skate

Don't want to break out my pad and paper
and calculate my algebra
I just wanna go outside and skate

Catch you later mom
to the court house, where I go
Sporting some baggy pants, a polo shirt
I played a sticker on my skateboard
she said "listen up, you've gotta keep yourself intact
cause school's the most important thing and thats a matter, a matter of fact"

They want to take away everything from me
my fuckin amp, my one guitar, my MTV, my MTV!

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