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Moxie Bravo (2005)Edit

The High Strung - Moxie Bravo
Moxie Bravo
  1. Never Saw It as Union
  2. Truce
  3. Here It Comes Again
  4. Real Meal Ticket
  5. N over C
  6. The Luck You Got
  7. Seems It's One Thing
  8. Deck the Boy with Mettle and Manhood
  9. On Your Feet
  10. Anything Goes
  11. At the Same Time
  12. Gentleman

Get the Guests (2007)Edit

The High Strung - Get The Guests
Get the Guests
  1. What a Meddler!
  2. Maybe You're Coming Down with It
  3. So Dry
  4. The Baddest Ship
  5. Raise the Bar
  6. He's Got No Soul
  7. Childhood
  8. Rimbaud/Rambo
  9. Watch Me Sustain the Early Days
  10. She's Not Even Mad at You
  11. The Curator
  12. There Was No One Before You, There Was No One Before Me
  13. I Recognize That Voice
  14. Arrow
  15. Gravedigger
  16. Missed Easily
  17. The Meddler

Ode to the Inverse of the Dude (2009)Edit

The High Strung - Ode To The Inverse Of The Dude
Ode to the Inverse of the Dude
  1. Standing at the Door of Self-Discovery
  2. Real Stone
  3. The Life Style That Got Away
  4. Out of Character
  5. In the Middle
  6. Guilt Is How I'm Built
  7. I Got Your Back
  8. Bad with My Hands
  9. Anyone
  10. Rope
  11. House Party

Additional information

Band members:
  • Derek Berk - drums, vocals (2000-)
  • Josh Malerman - vocals, guitar, keyboards (2000-)
  • Stephen Palmer - guitar (2010-)
  • Chad Stocker - bass, guitar, vocals (2000-)
Former members:
  • Mark Owen (2000-2004)
Record labels:

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