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The High Dials
This song is performed by The High Dials and appears on the album A New Devotion (2003).
I am backed into a corner
I am out of moves
Sparrows sang of a disaster
Open the bottle and pass it around

Sheets of rain fall into the night
Over streets and houses
Sounds of unsheathing
The glint of a knife
As the city closes
Falling down upon the ground
Low, low, low
Down, down, down

Scimitar handshakes that twist in my side
Thrust from darkened hallways
Sinister smiles so hard and so bright
Thrust from darkened hallways
Lying still upon the ground
Low, low, low
Down, down, down

I retreat
And stumble out beneath descending roses
Destiny has passed me by
And I don't know why
I am low

Written by:

Trevor Anderson

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