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Music Is My Boyfriend

This song is by The Hidden Cameras and appears on the album Mississauga Goddam (2004).

I found music
And he found me
I gave him some tambourine
He game me a scream
I washed his dirty underwear
He made me toast
Music filled my mug with Vaseline
I gave him a choke

We could be happy
We could be free
If we don't make-out
Or fall in love

I found music
And he found me
Bleeding from my fingers and knees
Plugged into a drum machine
Nailed to my head: a tambourine
And a guitar laced to my waist
A stone cold fever:
An internal melody

Guitars make me happy
Drum beast make us all free
Solid as a rock lover
Is the music in me

I found music and he found me:
A balding head-banding pre-teen
So he seduced me in a dream:
I kissed his ugly gangly greens
He swallowed my pee

We lived to be happy
And prayed to be free
But it was soon found out
That my body is brief

I found music
And he found me
He kept me singing
To my dying day

Sing to be happy
Hum to be free
The eternal harmony
Music and me

Written by:

Joel Gibb