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Ecce Homo (2001)Edit

The Hidden Cameras - Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo

  1. A Miracle
  2. The International MMA: The Mild Mannered Army
  3. Steal All You Can Motherfucker
  4. Ode to Self-Publishing: Fear of Zine Failure
  5. He Is the Boss of Me
  6. I Believe in the Good of Life
  7. High Upon the Church Grounds
  8. Heavy Flow of Evil
  9. Worms Cannot Swim Nor Can They Walk
Bonus track on vinyl release
  1. The Dying Galatian

The Smell of Our Own (2003)Edit

The Hidden Cameras - The Smell Of Our Own

The Smell of Our Own

  1. Golden Streams
  2. Ban Marriage
  3. A Miracle
  4. The Animals of Prey
  5. Smells Like Happiness
  6. Day Is Dawning
  7. Boys of Melody
  8. Shame
  9. Breathe on It
  10. The Man That I Am with My Man

Mississauga Goddam (2004)Edit

The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam

Mississauga Goddam

  1. Doot Doot Plot
  2. Builds the Bone
  3. Fear Is On
  4. That's When the Ceremony Starts
  5. I Believe in the Good of Life
  6. In The Union of Wine
  7. Music Is My Boyfriend
  8. Bboy
  9. We Oh We
  10. I Want Another Enema
  11. Mississauga Goddam

Awoo (2006)Edit

The Hidden Cameras - Awoo


  1. Death of a Tune
  2. Awoo
  3. She's Gone
  4. Lollipop
  5. Fee Fie
  6. Learning the Lie
  7. Follow These Eyes
  8. Heji
  9. Heaven Turns To
  10. Wandering
  11. For Fun
  12. Hump from Bending
  13. The Waning Moon

Origin:Orphan (2009)Edit

The Hidden Cameras - Origin-Orphan


  1. Ratify the New
  2. In the NA
  3. He Falls to Me
  4. Colour of a Man
  5. Do I Belong?
  6. Walk On
  7. Kingdom Come
  8. Origin:Orphan
  9. Underage
  10. The Little Bit
  11. Silence Can Be a Headline

Other SongsEdit

  1. Animals Of Prey
  2. Man That I Am With My Man

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