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Verbal Anime

This song is by The Herbaliser and appears on the album Something Wicked This Way Comes (2002).

I've seen ghosts in the shell, ninja scrolls, and a curer
But the illest character I've seen was in the mirror
Open up the world, people lend me an ear
It's a family affair and let me make that clear
Raaka, I keep my propaganda proper
In circles I'm high, swing blades like helicopters
In this stage of my life I choose to develop shock words
While cats look lost without the teleprompters
Federado tour duty, medal of honor
Since life is a battle your best bet is betting on it
Check the conference, we on stage with weapons on us
Microphones, straight Robin Hoods, its economics
Yes yes, it all starts with a sketch
Snapshots, motion pictures and special effects
We stretch the game out, we expand the nation
And this is verbal anime graphic animation

Funk imagination
Come to illustration
Then we bring pictures to life
We call it animation

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