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Freeway To Hell

This song is by The Hellacopters and appears on the album Disappointment Blues (1997).

I'm the stray dog, I'm the hunchback
I'm the freak across the street from you
Like a roach on my ceiling
Watching everything I do

Don't you tell me or even care
I'm glad if you don't give a damn
I can do without your paranoia
And your opinions about who I am

About the way I wear my clothes
About the way I wear my hair
About the way I smoke my dope
About things that I just don't care

I've been lost I've been weary
I've been skull and crossbone blue
Getting outta here yeah I'm leaving
I won't be no steppin'stone for you

Hitch a ride, run if I have to
Down a freeway of flames
Into the dark by the crossroads
I've paid my dues, I won't take the blame

Headin'down the crossroad
I'm gettin' out of here

And I don't even care
Outside of society

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